XR technology helps hotels stand out.

XR technology, and especially Augmented Reality (AR) is a great fit for hotels and their guests because it addresses two primary traveler needs: information and entertainment. Hotels are also leveraging AR behind the scenes to lend those same benefits to internal decision-making. 

Brochures, websites and other marketing materials are all about bringing a property to life for a potential guest, but AR technology takes that concept up several notches.

Top hotel technology trend

Analysts concur that hotels must differentiate their brand experiences, particularly if they seek to win over millennials, who shy away from predictability and are quick to embrace the new and different — especially if it leverages mobile devices.

Now that consumers are becoming more aware of the power of augmented reality technology, it’s poised to take its place among the top hotel technology trends.

Immersing the user in a different world

The recent popularity of augmented reality technology has illustrated consumers’ willingness to embrace this new trend, as long as it delivers real value. Done well, AR could shape up to become among the top hotel technology trends over the next few years.

AR differs from virtual reality in that instead of immersing the user in a different world, it superimposes digital media over the real one. Using a smartphone, tablet or special glasses, an AR application adds virtual sound, images or words on top of what the user is already looking at.

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