We focus on new technologies

"AR in hotels" is one of the main activities of XTEND. XTEND is based in Oslo and focus on Extended Reality and Interactive Display Technology.

XTEND considers not only how to work with these new technologies, but also how to use them in a commercial, cultural or educational context.

We create incredible experiences

XTEND is a factory of ideas, a creative studio that produces and distributes state of the art Extended Reality (XR).
It is our mission to create unique interactive experiences and groundbreaking applications that will help shape these new systems and the endless possibilities they offer to both consumers and businesses.

Immersive technologies

Our applications interact with the hardware technology to render the virtual environment and process the user input to provide dynamic, real-time response. To achieve this, our software often integrates components of artificial intelligence and virtual worlds. And while we create the best experiences the world has ever known, we will work hard to invent the future

Best team for the job

Each project is unique and requires an unique approach. We work with the best developers from all over the world. This always guarantees the right people and best results for every job.

Our broad experience allows us to weave together a superb, engaging product to drive every message home. It is our aim to provide state of the art XR technology for every type of company.

Our Project Leader and system

Huibert de Jong is our Project Leader and he worked for many clients, like Duracell, Gillette, Swatch and Braun. He was responsible for the Interactive Communication departments of several companies, like Norskplan and AZZZ, the number one communication agency in the Netherlands. He was for 9 years connected to the University of Tromsø (dept. Norwegian Agency for Digital Learning in Higher Education) till September 2017.

Latest Technology

We always use the latest technology. We owned the first Microsoft Hololens in Norway and recently we bought the Insta360 Pro 8K camera. The best prosumer 360 camera on the market right now that satisfies many of the more high-end features that we want to see on a 360-degree camera.
The camera captures 360 videos and stills in 8K and 3D. It is also possible to stream Live 4K video to a variety of 360-supporting platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and the Insta360 server. 

Here below you can watch a few example photos.

Our services


We will always use the latest technology and hardware. For this we spend much resources in research and training.


We can deliver content for VR, AR, 360’ footage, 3D animations and video in all possible formats.


From User Interface to application. We can develop and built to our customers need on different platforms.


We can help to make the best possible choices in the field of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

"We work with incredible new immersive technologies that will create a whole new industry and a new way of relating to information."

Huibert de Jong (leader Interactive Communication)

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